Achieving Meaningful Use

Proactively Encouraging Meaningful Use

At SuccessEHS, we go beyond simply providing our clients with the system and capabilities to achieve Meaningful Use—we actually monitor their progress. When a client decides to register for one of the Meaningful Use Incentive Programs, we can look into their system and point out which measures they are already meeting or nearly meeting.  This can help clients decide what workflow changes are necessary in order for them to achieve Meaningful Use, and can also help them decide which menu measures are best for them to pursue.

We then continue to monitor our clients' progress as they modify workflow and office procedures to accommodate all 15 core measures, and the five menu measures of their choosing. By monitoring how our eligible clients are doing on each measure they are seeking to meet, we can point out areas that need improvement and offer advice. We want each and every eligible client to receive an EHR incentive check, so we work tirelessly to make sure we know where they are doing well and where they might need improvement.

We also provide our clients with our comprehensive Meaningful Use Toolkit, which includes step-by-step instructions, with screen shots, to walk them through all the processes necessary to achieve Meaningful Use. This toolkit contains both a Physician Toolkit and a System Administration Toolkit in addition to an introduction to the incentive programs, information on enrolling and understanding the program, an overview of all Meaningful Use measures, and links to additional resources. The Physician Toolkit breaks down the recommended workflow for EPs and clinic staff to document compliance with each core and menu measure. The System Administration Toolkit guides system administrators through the system configuration changes needed to support the Meaningful Use measures.

 We aim to give our clients every resource available and all the help we can give in achieving success. For more information about how we can help you achieve success, please call us at 888-879-7302.