5 Tips for Evaluating EHR Vendor Responsiveness

A recent Black Book Rankings survey sent shockwaves through the health IT industry when it revealed that up to 17 percent of physician practices plan to switch from their current EHR vendor. Forty-four percent of survey respondents ranked lack of vendor responsiveness among the top three compelling reasons to switch EHR vendors. Like many other practices, these survey respondents found out the hard way that the vendors who promised them the moon during the sales process failed to deliver on those promises.

To save your practice the headache and expense of switching EHRs down the road, be sure to evaluate EHR vendors' customer support and responsiveness before selecting an EHR. Use the following tips to gauge the vendor's commitment to providing excellent customer support and responding to customers' needs:

  • Ask the EHR vendor how many client-requested enhancements have been performed in the past year. A good number may vary depending on the number of clients the vendor has and the size of the company. In any case, the vendor should be able to demonstrate that they respond to requests for enhancements clients need in order to achieve success and maximize their return on investment in health IT.
  • What are current clients saying about this EHR vendor's support and responsiveness? Check out any statistics the vendor can provide regarding client ratings of customer support. References and client testimonials may also be good sources of information about the vendor's support and responsiveness.
  • What is the average time it takes for the vendor's customer support representatives to answer client calls? Are clients generally on hold for a long time when they contact customer support? Ideally, your EHR partner should answer calls in less than 20 seconds; you shouldn't have to spend your staff's valuable time on the phone waiting to speak to a representative.
  • What is the vendor's primary mission? Your EHR partner's primary mission should be to help you achieve success by providing the technology, support and resources you need.

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