Custom Reporting and Data Mining shouldn't require the help of a programmer.

Easy Custom Reporting and Data Mining in Real Time

Reporting You Can Use...Ad hoc reporting shouldn't require the help of a programmer.

With rising costs, increasingly complex regulations and an aging patient population, the healthcare industry is feeling pressure to perform at higher and higher levels. Practices need to provider higher quality patient care while lowering their costs. From monitoring a patient population to making sure your staff’s workflow is efficient, keeping an eye on statistical information is vital. Statistics in a medical practice can take the form of both business and clinical data. A practice not only has to track key performance indicators but also the relationships between those indicators.

Simple Report Building

At a bare minimum, your practice management and EHR solution should offer standardized and industry-standard reports. Yet we know that to truly assess the clinical and financial data for your practice, you need reports you can easily build yourself. Assessing your practice’s data should be as simple as drag-and-drop using business objects, data objects, or similar. Without any knowledge of database language or structure, you should be able to interact with the database to extract the information you need.

This self-service approach makes data even more valuable by providing perspectives that are normally missed by standardized reports. The information and intuitive analysis provided by simplified data mining makes running· any report—from a daily cashflow report to a complex analysis of a patient population—easier and faster.

Information That Is Always Up-to-Date

Your data mining solution should be in real time, drawing their data directly from the live database. This is important when tracking performance indicators that require the most recent data. Real-time analysis helps you by providing constantly-updated information.

With this this kind of intelligence you can immediately act to correct negative trends, which can lead to increased revenues and improved patient care.

Track Your Patient Population

Simplified data mining using business or data objects allows you to track the details of your patient population. For example, by seeking out patients on certain medications, it can easily be determined whether they have had the appropriate follow-up tests. With Avandia®, all patients should be tracked and alternative treatments prescribed as needed. Or a physician can scrutinize his practice’s data to determine which patients on Coumadin have not had a Prothrombin (PT) test in the last two weeks.

As Pay for Performance comes into usage, increased tracking and documentation of proactive efforts will be key.

Getting Information Out of Your System the Easy Way

Your practice management and EHR solution should provide the ability to:

  • Aggregate clinical and/or financial information in a single report
  • Drag-and-drop to build SQL database queries (custom reports)
  • Perform data mining in real time from your live database
  • Save your custom reports for use again and again
  • Drill-down into a single report or multiple pages of data
  • Have the data you need your fingertips