Five Tips for Improving Patient Communication

1. Send patients email appointment reminders. Patients will appreciate a friendly appointment reminder in their inbox, and your bottom line will benefit from fewer no-shows, as well as savings generated by eliminating the cost of postage for mailed appointment reminders.

2. Leverage social media to build your practice's rapport with patients and share relevant information. While sharing personal information and health advice on social media is ill-advised or, in some cases, illegal, Facebook and Twitter provide great platforms to direct patients to helpful resources and share information about health-related community events.

3. Allow patients to request refills online through an online patient portal. Your patients are online at home, at work and even on the go with smartphones—they will appreciate the convenience of being able to request a refill without having to make a phone call and wait on hold for someone who is available to handle their request.

4. Give patients the ability to ask a nurse a question via an online portal. Not only will your patients appreciate the convenience, but your practice's productivity will benefit from streamlining this process.

5. Provide patient education to help patients better understand conditions, treatments, and medications. This will not only improve care and facilitate better health, but your patients will appreciate the added effort.