Key Differentiators in EHR Selection for FQHCs

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) serve as safety net providers of medical services to medically underserved, uninsured and underinsured persons. These clinics receive federal funding and grants, and thus operate under a unique set of reporting requirements. Most health information technology vendors are unfamiliar with the unique workflow and reporting needs of community health centers, so FQHCs should exercise caution when selecting an EHR and/or Practice Management system. Before selecting a system, FQHCs should thoroughly review vendors to ensure that their products can meet reporting requirements and their staff can handle FQHC-specific issues with expertise. Below is a list of some key differentiators FQHCs should look for in EHR and Practice Management software:


• Automated UDS Reporting

• PECS Data Conversion and Reporting

• Ryan White CARE Act Reporting

• Health Disparities Management and Reporting

• NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Reporting

• Business Intelligence and Digital Dashboards

Patient Management and Tracking

• Built-in, Query-ready Patient Registry

• Population Management and Compliance Tracking Tools

• Patient Education Available in Multiple Languages

• Inherent Patient Portal

• Patient Survey and Questionnaire Tools

• Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support

Revenue Management

• Household Assessments

• Sliding Fee Scale Calculator

• CHC and RHC UB04 Billing including Split Claims Automation

• Dental Billing

Integration to the Care Continuum

• State Immunization Registry Interfaces

• In-house LIS Integration

• Referral Management Tools

• Integration with Electronic Dental Record System

• State Lab Interfaces