List of State HIEs

As of February 2010, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded $385,978,640 in grant awards to help encourage healthcare professionals' participation in Health Information Exchange (HIE) initiatives. HIE participation facilitates the interoperable transmission of healthcare data across disparate systems, and helps healthcare professionals provide better-quality care to the patients they serve. Additionally, it is an important component of a successful attestation to Meaningful Use. A list of these HIEs and the grant money received by each (as of February 2010) is as follows:


Alabama State Medicaid Agency


Arizona Governor's Office of Economic Recovery


Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration


California Health and Human Services Agency


Colorado Regional Health Information Organization


Delaware Health Information Network


Government of the District of Columbia


Georgia Department of Community Health


Office of the Governor (Guam)


The Hawaii Health Information Exchange


Illinois Department of Health care and Family Services


Kansas Health Information Exchange Project


Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services


State of Maine/Governor's Office of Health Policy & Finance


Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation


Michigan Department of Health


Minnesota Department of Health


Missouri Department of Social Services


Nevada Department of Health and Human Services


New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services


Lovelace Clinic Foundation (New Mexico)


New York eHealth Collaborative, Inc.


Commonwealth of the NMI, Department of Public Health


North Carolina Department of State Treasurer


Ohio Health Information Partnership, LLC


Oklahoma Health Care Authority


Pacific E-Commerce Development Corporation (American Samoa)


State of Oregon


Governor's Office of Health Care Reform Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Oficina del Gobernador La Fortaeza (Puerto Rico)


Rhode Island Quality Institute


State of Tennessee


Utah Department of Health


Vermont Department of Human Services


Virgin Islands Department of Health


Virginia Department of Health


Health Care Authority (Washington)


West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources


Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services


Office of the Governor (Wyoming)


Source: The United States Department of Health and Human Services