2014 Edition Standards and Certification Criteria Proposed Rule

An Overview

In Feb. 2012, the Office of National Coordinator (ONC) released its proposed rule for the certification of electronic health record systems, which complements the CMS proposed rule for Meaningful Use Stage 2. In the proposed certification criteria, the ONC introduces the concept of the set of certification for the 2014 Edition. oth editions may be available concurrently, however.

Under the 2014 Edition, there are three ways for EPs to meet the new CEHRT definition:

  1. Purchase a Complete EHR that has tested and certified on ALL measures
  2. Purchase a combination of EHR modules that do all the functions needed
  3. Purchase a single Base EHR module that performs the required functions

Another aspect of the 2014 Edition is the use of single standards for communicating information in certain transactions, as opposed to the options vendors have for communicating information under current certification criteria. Health Level 7 (HL7) is the proposed standard for lab results, syndromic surveillance and immunizations, and the Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) is the proposed document standard. The proposed rule also includes requirements that EHRs be able to use the SMTP and SMIME secure messaging standards, the SOAP-based secure transport standard and the Direct transport standard for health information exchange (HIE). The use of these standards supports progress towards a common means of transporting health information, including leveraging the Internet that is so pervasive in the country.

The proposed rule also includes changing the name of the permanent certification program to the "ONC HIT Certification Program."

For more information, read the ONC's proposed rule at http://www.ofr.gov/OFRUpload/OFRData/2012-04430_PI.pdf.