What is HIE?

Fast Facts about Health Information Exchange

  • HIE is both a verb and a noun.
    • HIE as a noun: A health information exchange (HIE) refers to an exchange network or an organization that operates a network that connects the electronic health information systems of different health care providers. HIEs enable those providers to share clinical and demographic data of patients they have in common. For instance, a primary care physician may share a patient's data with that patient's cardiologist.
    • HIE as a verb: Health information exchange is the actual transmission of health information. There are multiple types of HIE, including Direct, XDS, Exchange and custom HL7.
  • HIE efforts are supported by Health Information Organizations (HIO). HIOs provide the governance structure for HIEs. There are numerous regional HIOs, also known as RHIOs.
  • HIE may be driven by certain types of stakeholders (e.g. clinicians, hospitals, labs, Rx, patients, public health, payers, etc.), may be geographically-bound (e.g. city, region, state, nation) or may be population-bound (e.g. underserved populations, veterans, integrated delivery networks).
  • HIE participation results in numerous benefits, including:
    • Increased quality
    • Improved outcomes
    • More informed policy
    • Increased value of health information
    • Decreased cost of care
    • Decreased investment risk

To learn more about HIE, access a free recorded webinar by Adele Allison, National Director of Government Affairs at SuccessEHS.