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EHR / EMR and Practice Management Solution

adaptability-200x100The business of medicine is complex and it requires a multifaceted Practice Management and EHR solution to meet the needs of both your clinical staff and business office.

A healthcare organization, no matter the size, can be complicated to manage. Simple tasks like scheduling appointments or keeping track of test results can easily overwhelm even the best-run enterprise. Add the need to document a clinical encounter and, if needed, communicate the information to other providers or a government agency, and you’re rapidly headed toward an information bottleneck with potentially legal or more importantly, life-threatening consequences.

That's why SuccessEHS believes our solutions must fully support the provider via workflow, scheduling, etc.; optimize communication by simplifying the issue of formats; and actualize the investment by providing a range of hosting solutions and complete support services.

Fully Support the Provider

medical-community-200SuccessEHS allows healthcare organizations to fully support their providers as they deliver care, improve outcomes, and help patients thrive. Staff flexibility is maximized by sharing knowledge between doctors, nurses, and clinical staff. With SuccessEHS, workflow, scheduling and medical records automatically function together. Providers can instantly view what is happening around them and prioritize their time appropriately.

Optimize Communication

Communication outside of a facility can be an ongoing source of frustration. SuccessEHS minimizes the inherent pitfalls by keeping current with the many and varied formats used by medical entities and reporting agencies. The end user shouldn’t have to worry about which agency accepts which format or have to manually communicate information between outside systems and the system they are

Actualize the Investment

Even with a feature-rich application, a practice can have trouble realizing their investment. Whether a client elects a Software as a Service (SaaS), Turnkey or Hosted Turnkey solution, SuccessEHS dedicates the needed resources and tools that allow clients to actualize their investment. By providing 24/7 support, online training, an implementation team that is second to none, a professionally managed datacenter, and proactive client monitoring, SuccessEHS is passionate about assuring our clients’ success.