Solutions for the Business Side

As important as the medical aspect of a practice is, providers have to consider the business side as well. They may not be collecting co-pays and filing insurance forms, but they should be aware of what is going on financially and verify that money is being collected and insurance forms filed. Providers shouldn’t have to depend on others to understand what shape their business is in – they need to be free to attend to their patient’s needs.

SuccessEHS makes this part of managing a practice easier with the following features: Business Objects, Claim Scrubbing, Insurance Follow-up and Patient Collections.

Business Objects

Providers need to be able to review their business’ vital signs as easily as a patient’s. With Business Objects, the provider or office manager can look deep into their own data and return easily understandable clinical and/or financial data in a single report. They can build custom reports through a drag-and-drop query method that lets them mine their own data database.

Claim Scrubbing

If a practice submits claims with errors to insurance carriers, payments are delayed until the errors are fixed. The longer the lag time between when a claim is submitted, rejected and returned, the greater the chances the claim will never be paid. It’s essential that claims heading to insurance carriers be as error-free as possible. That’s where Alpha II’s code wizard comes into play. The Code Wizard scrutinizes a practice’s claims the same way an insurance carrier does, which leads to cleaner claims being submitted and faster, more accurate payments being received.

Insurance Follow-up

Even when an accurate claim has been submitted, it can still get stalled or even lost within a payer’s system. SuccessEHS lets users set certain criteria that will send out alerts if a response to a claim is not received. This allows the practice to proactively monitor outstanding claims and take action when required.

Patient Collections

Every business has to address delinquent accounts. Dealing with the out-of-pocket responsibilities of the patient can be complicated. While a practice naturally wishes to maintain a positive relationship with their patients, they still have to collect on outstanding balances. SuccessEHS provides the right functionality for anyone responsible for collections. Information they need to contact the patients and, if needed, set up alternative collection methods is provided in an easy-to-use format. SuccessEHS also provides the functionality to interact with collection agencies if necessary.