Digital Dashboard Reporting

The Digital Dashboard for SuccessEHS allows you to monitor key indicators and alert managers of trends and problem areas early, stopping potential issues before they happen. These numbers also provide in-depth analysis to help understand future issues. The strategic information provided by Dashboard also helps users make more accurate and informed decisions in an efficient manner. Digital Dashboard includes: Tailored Monitoring and Remote Monitoring.

Tailored Monitoring

Dashboard contains business metrics that calculate using a practice-defined calendar (i.e., daily, weekly and monthly). A practice-defined calendar helps create metric presentations that are tailored to fit the needs of the practice. The metrics are gathered directly from the practice’s database, ensuring that the information is real-time and providing a greater ability to react to ever-changing business needs.

Remote Monitoring

Because it is web-based, the Dashboard is accessible from anywhere, at anytime. There is no need for a user to be in the office. A practice manager can keep track of the status of the business from their desk, the home office, or even at lunch.

For more detailed information on our Digital Dashboard, see our White Paper on this topic.