Integrated Success Services

SuccessEHS' integrated services provide the added value that many practice management and EHR / EMR vendors lack. We ensure your success with a range of services designed to not only help you implement your system, but to ensure your success in the long run.

Implementation project management

Your Implementation Project Manager will provide project management coordination through the course of your implementation, working with you and the vendor's entire implementation team to ensure your implementation goals are achieved.

Operations assessment and training to configure the system

You will complete an Operations Assessment to document how your practice does business before the implementation begins. This document is then reviewed by a highly experienced systems architect who will assist you in identifying system configuration customizations needed to meet your financial/business needs. A team of system architects and configuration consultants / specialists will train you and guide you in making system configuration decisions, working with you in your own database to train and guide you through the configuration process.

EDI Services

SuccessEHS has EDI specialists who work with you to identify and coordinate the paperwork required to get your physicians enrolled with affiliated clearinghouses for desired EDI services (electronic claims, statements, eligibility, etc.).

Extended training services for your implementation team

SuccessEHS has a comprehensive training program in place (called EHS University) that is designed to become your implementation and training hub. This training program is utilized to schedule and manage your end user training during and after implementation.

Training is available in the classroom or at your site, and is instructor-led. The first "round" of training is designed for those staff members with responsibility for making configuration decisions.

Super user training

Upon identification of the work flows required to best support your clinics' needs, staff members you identify as "super users" are be trained to support your users during Go Live week and to become your resident "system experts."

End user training

Training for your end users does not require the involvement of your staff members involved with configuration. This training is standardized and available as instructor-led courses or online, web-based classes available 24x7. These courses are designed to be short, manageable sessions to allow staff members to fit the training into their schedules or do them after hours.

Go Live support

When you go live, we provide extensive Go Live Support. Certified Go Live Resources are available to provide on-site assistance to your users. Your Implementation Manager will help you evaluate your team's ability to effectively manage the Go Live week and to coordinate resource assignment of personnel as needed.

Remote go live and post go live support

During the week of Go Live, you will have at your disposal a vendor team of professionals standing by to assist you by phone to help support your implementation and help you establish best-practice workflows. This team is trained to support the work flows developed in conjunction with your Solutions Architect.

A/R Monitoring

For twelve weeks following completion of your implementation, SuccessEHS monitors your Key Performance Indicators and provides feedback to you on these metrics. This process helps ensure your staff is building a strong foundation for optimal use of your software solutions. Using this methodology, potential problems are identified early so that they can be corrected. After the initial intensive weekly monitoring, SuccessEHS continues to use an optimization system to look for spikes in rejections, workflow slow-down in claims processing, unposted remits, etc. SuccessEHS also conducts a complimentary annual review of your A/R health. If we identify an issue or concern, we proactively reach out to you to provide you with the information you need to optimize the financial health of your practice. If your practice needs a more detailed analysis, SuccessEHS has a monitoring service available to work with you on a consultative basis. This service helps you develop strategies to correct any negative trends and help you get back on track.


Other features that are available to you are : market update webinars, email announcements and when there is a significant change in the industry (e.g., Meaningful Use requirements), access to an expert on the topic to help you navigate the new requirements.